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What about Platinum for your Orthodox Christian ring or wedding band? Platinum rings and wedding bands are more popular today than ever before. Platinum is everywhere; on the fingers of celebrities, in jewelry advertisements, and in bridal magazines. More and more, platinum is finding its way onto the ring fingers of brides and grooms throughout the USA and Europe. 

Why is platinum so popular? For one thing, platinum is incredibly attractive. Its rich, silver-white color is amazingly shiny and stunningly beautiful. This illustrious metal helps the designs and symbols of the Orthodox Christian rings and wedding bands at OrthodoxRings.com radiate and last longer than any other metal possibly can.

What is platinum? Platinum is a rare precious metal that is sure to withstand the test of time. Platinum is heavier than gold and much stronger. You will never have to worry about your ring wearing down because platinum is so durable and damage-resistant. Any scratches will be due to displacement; a jeweler can easily polish them away without losing any metal in the process. Basically, a platinum ring will be as beautiful in 50 years as it is today.

One thing to pay attention to when purchasing a platinum engagement ring is its purity. Platinum rings should be at least 95% pure platinum, the OrthodoxRings.com minimum standard; some jewelers today may try to sell off a ring as "pure platinum" when in it contains only 75% platinum.

So, are there any drawbacks in purchasing a platinum engagement ring? Probably the biggest drawback is price. Platinum rings are expensive. You will pay at least twice as much for a platinum ring as opposed to a gold ring. Remember, however, that the steep price is buying a gorgeous ring that will be forever enduring and symbolic of your love and marriage. Its luster will not fade as the years go by, and unlike white gold rings, it will not need to be re-plated to remain beautiful.

A platinum ring is the perfect choice for a woman who desires an elegant look. Platinum is refined and classy. Women who often wear silver or white gold accessories will relish the fact that their rings fit in so well with the pieces they already own. Some men may feel that gold rings are flashy; these men will appreciate the tasteful look of platinum.

If you want to have the very best now, and throughout your entire life, purchase a platinum ring or wedding band. While not everyone may be able to afford platinum, those who can will not be disappointed.

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