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Silver is a metal that is far too soft to use, by itself, for jewelry. For this reason it is nearly always used as an alloy, a metal made by combining metals together to add strength. The most common silver alloy in the United States is Sterling. Sterling is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% some other metal. The most common metal added to silver in Sterling is copper.

With OrthodoxRings.com's Silver-Platinum 3.5%, platinum is used to replace some of the copper present in our sterling silver, which provides a greater light reflectivity by refining the grain structure. This also provides more resistance to tarnish (thought to be caused by oxidation of copper) than standard sterling silver, though our manufacturer uses a deoxidizer in our sterling used in the alloy, so we don't have the problems others have to begin with.

Silver-Platinum is a less expensive alternative to white gold. It is hard wearing (Sterling alloy and 3.5% platinum) and very white and therefore does not need the rhodium plating that white gold does to look brilliantly white. Tests have shown that the whiteness of platinum-sterling silver alloys exceeds that of both sterling and white gold, and that they are much more resistant to tarnishing.

Silver-Platinum is not white gold, and should certainly not be confused as such. It won't last as long as white gold and certainly can't be marketed as an even trade. However, if you are into the white look, would like some of the characteristics of platinum, and need a little help in your pocketbook, OrthodoxRings.com's Silver-Platinum might be just the right white for you!

---Matt Swagerty

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