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By Matt Swagerty

You have an Orthodox wedding in your plans, you are an Orthodox Christian and want to wear the Faith, or you are a Christian that appreciates the ancient tradition. There are many reasons why our rings get people's attention. Yet, too often, a focus on our authentic Orthodox Christian designs leads people to forget some of the other important characteristics. To name a few, our wedding bands and rings weigh more than almost all other websites, they all come in comfort fit, and they are all individually made. 

Our rings and wedding bands have a substantial weight to them and on average, depending on your ring size, will weigh approx. 10.8 - 13.5 grams each for our 14k gold rings with designs (weights based on a size 10, 6 mm ring). 18k gold will weigh slightly more at approx. 12.9 - 15.8 grams and our platinum rings are the heaviest and most substantial, and generally weigh approx. 18.4 - 23.5 grams (weights may vary based on ring style and size). We encourage you to compare the weight of our rings with the weight of rings on other sites to see the kind of value you are getting at OrthodoxRings.com. As soon as you put one of our rings on your finger, whether it be at an Orthodox wedding or in your own home, you will be able to feel that you have purchased a ring of unsurpassed quality.

Comfort Fit
At OrthodoxRings.com every single one of our rings and Orthodox Christian wedding bands is a comfort fit ring. Why will this matter to you? We were hoping you would ask. Comfort fit bands are fashioned with a rounded interior so they slide on easier and rest on your finger more comfortably, as so accurately described by the name itself. There are varying degrees of comfort fit. A "Light comfort fit" ring may only be very slightly rounded on the inside, whereas a "heavy comfort fit" ring will be a very thick (from inside to outside at the midpoint) band, and then the regular comfort fit ring would be approximately in-between. Our bands, at at OrthodoxRings.com, would be considered regular on the comfort fit scale. This offers you all of the wonderful fit and feel of a comfort fit ring, without the undesired added bulk.

Comfort fit bands are also a more practical choice for 
people who have to remove their rings on a regular 
basis, as it makes for easier on and off, and for people 
who are not used to wearing rings. This makes comfort 
fit bands especially popular among men, and newlyweds. 
Because comfort fit rings are thicker from inside to out, 
they have more metal content than standard rings and
 may be heavier, and therefor more expensive. Regular
 "half-round" rings don't have the same luxurious feel of 
a comfort fit ring. OrthodoxRings.com believes that 
when it comes to jewelry that you will be wearing for the 
rest of your life, this is definitely not the area that you want to go cheap on now and regret later. Remember, if this is a wedding band we are talking about, then this may be the only item that you ever buy just once in your life!

Individually Made
All of our rings and wedding bands are individually made to assure quality and integrity of design. We do not let our rings sit in stock or have them displayed in a jewelry store, where they can get scuffed and worn by other people. Instead, each ring is crafted directly from our manufacturer, here in the USA. The creation of your ring is not even begun until after you place your order.

So, while our designs may be the first thing to catch your eye, they shouldn't be the only thing that you consider when looking at a ring or wedding band from OrthodoxRings.com. Remember that our rings are made with more metal than most site's rings, a comfort fit design, and are crafted, individually, after you order them. Give us a call, or shoot us an email, if you have any questions. All of our contact information can be found at OrthodoxRings.com.

Matt Swagerty is the co-founder of OrthodoxRings.com, a web-based Orthodox Christian business dedicated to providing precious metal Orthodox Christian rings and wedding bands to people of the ancient Christian Faith worldwide. 

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